Carry On Xmas Specials
Carry On Christmas 24/12/69 ITV
Carry On Again Christmas 24/12/70 ITV
Carry On Christmas (Carry On Stuffing) 20/12/72 ITV
Carry On Christmas 24/12/73 ITV
Carry On Laughing's Christmas Classics 22/12/83 ITV

Carry On Laughing
The Prisoner of Spenda 4/1/75 ITV
The Baron Outlook 11/1/75 ITV
The Sobbing Cavalier 18/1/75 ITV
Orgy & Bess 25/1/75 ITV
One in the Eye for Harold 1/2/75 ITV
The Nine Old Cobblers 8/2/75 ITV
Under the Round Table 26/10/75 ITV
The Case of the Screaming Wrinkles 2/11/75 ITV
And in my Lady's Chamber 9/11/75 ITV
Short Knight, Long Daze 16/11/75 ITV
The Case of the Coughing Parrot 23/11/75 ITV
Who Needs Kichener? 30/11/75 ITV
Lamp Posts of the Empire 7/12/75 ITV