Orgy and Bess

25 January 1975
ATV Networks Production

Screenplay: Barry Cryer and Dick Vosburgh
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Director: Alan Tarrant

Queen Elizabeth I...Hattie Jacques
Sir Francis Drake...Sid James
Lady Miranda...Barbara Windsor
Master of the Rolls & Lord Essex...Jack Douglas
King Philip...Kenneth Connor
Sir Walter Raleigh...John Carlin

Lord Burleigh...Norman Chappell
Todd...Victor Maddern
Quaker Reporter...McDonald Hobley
1st Crew Member...Simon Callow
2nd Crew Member...Brian Osborne

(Included on Carry On Camping DVD)

The Story

England is on the verge of war with Spain. Queen Elizabeth I is determined to avert war, so she sends for the one man who can help...Sir Francis Drake




This is the final time Sid James and Hattie Jacques appear in a Carry On, so is a bit of a landmark. Cryer and Vosburgh milk the premise for all it's worth, and while they inject some nice humour in to the script, it is a bit uneven and certainly isn't up to Rothwell's standard. The actors make this episode, playing up to all the laughs, especially Hattie Jacques who milks her Virgin Queen character for all it's worth. Kenneth Connor plays the King of Spain well, and gets some good laughs, in one section get riotous applause as he leaves the stage.

Robert Ross