Carry On Again Christmas: Carry On Long John

24 December 1970
9.10pm, ITV
Thames TV Production

Screenplay: Sid Colin & Dave Freeman
Producer: Alan Tarrant
Executive Producer: Peter Eton
Director: Alan Tarrant

Long John Silver...Sid James

Squire Treyhornay...Terry Scott

Old Blind Pew, Night Watchman, Nipper the Flipper...Charles Hawtrey

Dr Livershake...Kenneth Connor

Jim Hawkins...Barbara Windsor

Rollicky Bill..Bernard Bresslaw

Ben Gunn, Ship Mate...Bob Todd

Kate...Wendy Richard

The Story

1969's Carry On Christmas was the surprise hit of that year's Christmas season, so a second outing for the team was a certainty. Inexplicably filmed this time in black & white, Carry On Again Christmas gives Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" a good working over and emerges triumphant. Broadcast under the monicker "Carry On Long John" the Carry On team ham their way through a more traditional narrative this time round; the story itself mirroring that of Stevenson's book but in true panto form, Barbara Windsor takes the lead as young Jim Hawkins.




Another solid television extravaganza for the team. Sid James played the part of Long John Silver with his normal gusto - growling his way through the script. All the cast performed admirably, given a surprisingly lacklustre script, but the show was stolen by Charles Hawtrey's delightfully over the top (even for him) campness.