Short Knight Long Daze

16 November 1975
ATV Networks Production

Screenplay: Lew Schwarz
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Director: Alan Tarrant

Lady Guinevere...Joan Sims
Sir Lancelot...Bernard Bresslaw
Sir Gay...Jack Douglas
King Arthur...Kenneth Connor
Merlin...Peter Butterworth
Sir William...Norman Chappell

Herald...Brian Osborne
Minstrel...Desmond McNamara
Mabel...Susan Skipper
Man-at-arms...Billy Cornelius
Trumpeter...Brian Capron

(Included on Carry On Abroad DVD)

The Story

Camelot - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table preside over a united England. These knights are nothing like those in the history books, however. The Treasurer, Sir Point of No Return, has run away, and taken the King's money with him. Arthur seeks Merlin's advice and with some help from Guinevere, they are told to await the coming of a knight called Lancelot...




This show and Under The Round Table are almost the same in storyline with just a couple of minor details changed. Jack Douglas gets the effeminate part in this episode, and camps around the court in a blonde wig, bouncing jokes of Kenneth Connor like a good one ("They wouldn't give you the rust of their baldricks!"). Peter Butterworth comes across wonderfully as bumbling old Merlin, using his old man character to a tea. Although the actors try their best, the script is so poor, not even these could bring it around

Robert Ross