Our House

11 September 1960 - 21 April 1962 (39 episodes)
26x45 minutes, 13x55 minutes
ABC Television

Created by: Norman Hudis
Lead Writer: Norman Hudis
Writers: Brad Ashton, Bob Block
Producer: Ernest Maxin

Gordon Brent...Norman Rossington
Daisy Burke...Joan Sims
Mrs Iliffe...Ina de la Hayes
Captain Iliffe...Frank Pettingell
William Singer...Bernard Bresslaw
Herbert Keane...Frederick Peisley
Marcia Hatton...Leigh Madison
Stephen Hatton...Trader Faulkner
Georgina Ruddy...Hattie Jacques
Henrietta...Hylda Baker
Simon Willow...Charles Hawtrey

15 years before "Carry On Laughing" several of the team appeared together in another show which was the first real Carry On TV show in all but name. After completing his fifth script in the film series, Carry On Regardless, writer Norman Hudis created this ongoing comedy about a group of misfits who decide that as they cannot individually find places to live they will buy one together.

Each of the characters came from a very different background; Hattie played a librarian who, forced to be quiet all day at work, would make as much noise as possible at home; Hawtrey played his usual lovable loner, a council employee and Joan Sims played an unemployable but keen as mustard job seeker. A number of cast changes in time for the second series saw Bernard Bresslaw take up residence just as Joan Sims moved out.

Our House lost its network slot midway through the second series, but struggled on before disappearing without trace in 1962. Just three episodes survive out of the series' entire run, the remainder having being junked, as was fairly typical at the time.

Surviving Episodes: Simply Simon (8/9/60), A Thin Time (25/9/60), Love to Georgina (20/11/60)