The Sobbing Cavalier

18 January 1975
ATV Networks Production

Screenplay: Dave Freeman
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Director: Alan Tarrant

Lovelace...Sid James
Sarah...Barbara Windsor
Lady Kate...Joan Sims
Sir Jethro...Jack Douglas

Oliver Cromwell...Peter Butterworth
Colonel...David Lodge
Captain...Bernard Holley
Cavalier...Brian Osborne

(Included on Carry On up the Khyber DVD)

The Story

England is in the midst of Civil War. Cromwell is threatening to sequester the chattels of anyone who supports the Monarchy. Sir Jethro is in something of a quandary - King Charles has issued a similar threat; he's trying to keep on the winning side - not an easy job when his brother in Law, Lovelace the cavalier is hiding in the house and the roundheads are getting closer.




This is perhaps the best of the rest in terms of the television series, and comes closest to putting the Carry On formula in to a twenty-odd minute slot. Instead of using a barrage of one-liners, the jokes are cleverly worked in to the plot. Peter Butterworth is excellent as Oliver Cromwell, while Sid James is - well Sid James, chuckling at the girls and battling the bad guys. Jack Douglas uses his twitching character to full affect when he is threatened by the two battling factions.

Robert Ross