One in the Eye for Harold

1 February 1975
ATV Networks Production

Screenplay: Lew Schwarz
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Director: Alan Tarrant

Ethelred...Jack Douglas
Else...Joan Sims
Athelstan...Kenneth Connor
William the Conqueror...David Lodge
King Harold...Norman Chappell
Egbert...John Carlin
Isolde...Diane Langton

Old Hag...Patsy Smart
Herald...Brian Osborne
Messenger...Paul Jesson
Black Cowl...Jerold Wells
Nellie...Linda Hooks
Pikeman...Billy Cornelius
Pikeman...Nosher Powell

(Included on Carry On Again Doctor DVD)

The Story

Europe, 1066 - William, Duke of Normandy is preparing to invade England and wrest the crown from King Harold. England is surrounded on all sides, but the King has a plan; a secret weapon...the "you know what"...




This one had to stand up for itself more-so than previous episodes, as none of the major stars were involved, and I think it succeeds - just. Kenneth Connor plays a quieter character in a man of God, and he brings this of quiet well, showing that he can act in a quieter role (before being thrown out of the Monestary). Jack Douglas seems to have most of the courser dialog, perhaps because his role in the Carry On her less defined than the others ("I'll be coming your way in a minute").

Robert Ross