Carry On Snogging

30 September 1998
Channel 4
25 mins

Produced & Directed by Gabrielle Osrin
Yorkshire Television

Press Release:

Never before has a history lesson been so hysterical!... Tonight Carry On Snogging takes a light-hearted look at the social and sexual revolutions that took place in Britain during 20 years of Carry On. This programme uses news archive, pop and Carry On paraphernalia to propel us from 1958 to 1978 when some 29 cult movies were made. These were the days when it was cool to swing to the beat, get on up, groove on down and let it all hang out - the decades that also brought us nudist beaches, the first striptease clubs, women's lib and of course Mary Whitehouse. The documentary will also show how the cutting edge Carry On films finally lost their satirical grasp and eventually became outmoded.



Remember the classic BBC 1 show, "The Rock & Roll Years"? Well, imagine an edition dedicated solely to the events that were happening at the time the Carry Ons were enjoying their heyday and you've got "Carry On Snogging".  It's an entertaining look at the way the Carry Ons reflected the changing culture of the day, but offers little or no insight into the films themselves.