Under the Round Table

26 October 1975
ATV Networks Production

Screenplay: Lew Schwarz
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Director: Alan Tarrant

Lady Guinevere...Joan Sims
Sir Pureheart...Bernard Bresslaw
Sir Gay...Jack Douglas
King Arthur...Kenneth Connor
Black Knight...Oscar James
Sir Osis...Victor Maddern
Merlin...Peter Butterworth

Sir William...Norman Chappell
Lady Ermintrude...Valerie Walsh
Man-at-arms...Billy Cornelius
Minstrel...Desmond McNamara
Shortest Knight...Ronnie Brody
Trumpeter...Brian Capron
Knight...Brian Osborne

(Included on Carry On Loving DVD)

The Story

Camelot - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table preside over a united England. These knights are nothing like those in the history books, however.




This show and Short Knight, Long Daze are almost the same in storyline with just a couple of minor details changed. With most of the comedy coming from a word play of Knight/night, it is very poor. Kenneth Connor struggles desperately against a script of single entendres linked with misconceived farce. It doesn't really seem worth Joan Sims appearing, as her lines are poor and few in number. Give this one a wide berth.

Robert Ross