Lamp Posts of the Empire

7 December 1975
ATV Networks Production

Screenplay: Lew Schwarz
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Director: Alan Tarrant

Lady Mary...Barbara Windsor
Stanley...Kenneth Connor
Dick Darcy...Jack Douglas
Doctor Pavingstone...Bernard Bresslaw
Lord Gropefinger...Peter Butterworth

Witch Doctor...Oscar James
Businessman...Norman Chappell
Old Man...John Carlin
Neighbour...Michael Nightingale
Mabel...Reuben Martin
Native...Wayne Brown

(Included on Carry On England DVD)

The Story

The Bermondsey University Geographical Society's greatest explorer is Stanley. Given that the rest of the society normally get lost on the way to the toilet, that's a fairly dubious honour. In a last effort to salvage the society's reputation, Stanley volunteers to set off on an expedition to track down the missing Doctor Pavingstone. Helping him on his quest are Lady Mary and Richard Darcy, otherwise known as "Elephant Dick".