A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
89 minutes

Professor Inigo Tinkle -
Bill Boosey
Lady Evelyn Bagley -
Claude Chumley -
Tonka -
Jungle Boy -


June -
Jacki Piper
Leda -
Valerie Leon
Nerda -
Edwina Carroll
Lubi Lieutenant -
Valerie Moore
Nosha -
Nina Baden-Semper
Gorilla -
Reuben Martin



"The Carry On team go ape crazy in darkest Africa. Carry On Up The Jungle is definitely one of the wildest of all the Carry On films.

Primitive passions are unleashed when a bird fancying expedition lands upon a forgotten tribe of gorgeous females who are desperate to find mates and thus save themselves from extinction.

All your favourites are here including Frankie Howerd as Professor Inigo Tinkle and Sid James as fearless Bill Boosey."

The Story

Professor Inigo Tinkle is leading an expedition through the African Jungle. He is in search of the rare Oozlum Bird (it's rare because it keeps disappearing up it's own ****!). His companions, however, each have their own reasons for joining the expedition. Along the way, they stumble upon Jungle Boy; who Lady Bagley believes to be her long lost son - but the surprises don't end there...it seems her long lost husband has also been busy...




Another one that falls flat, but it's hard to see why. Maybe it's the fact that the team so obviously overreached themselves with this one. Let's face it, there was no way they could have done a Tarzan movie on the typical Carry On budget. Nevertheless, the cast all put in sterling performances, and there's some lovely interplay between Frankie and Sid. Kenny Williams is noticable by his absence, though. A good film, but not a great one.