Once again the ribald antics of the Carry On team take us, via celluloid, on an uproariously chaotic films trip - this time into the jungle.

The year is 1900 and a safari expedition consisting of Professor Inigo Tinkle, Lady Evelyn Bagley, her maid June, Claude Chumley and white hunter Bill Boosey, with his faithful tracker Upsidasi, are probing into the African Jungle for the rare Oozalum Bird.

Lady Evelyn's husband, Walter, and her baby son Cecil have been lost, believed killed, in the jungle on an expedition years earlier

But playing a "Me Tarzan" type is Jungle Boy who turns out to be Lady Evelyn's long lost son. Jungle Boy soon takes a fancy to June and the two get along fine.

The group, after some unorthodox tent changing in the night, are captured by the fearsome man-eating Nosha tribe.

However, to the rescue come the statuesque women warriors of the Lubbi-Dubbi tribe who are wide eyed at all the white men. Their only male - to be shared among 400 women - is their chief, Tonka.

The coveted white men are litter-carried to Aphrodisia, with Lady Evelyn acting as bearer, and on arrival at the Lubbi-Dubbis home land, who should chief Tonka, King of Lovers, Master of Women and Father of Countless, turn out to be? Why, none other than Walter, Lady Evelyn's missing henpecked husband.

Of course, the jungle jollity doesn't end there. In all the hilarity we've nearly forgotten the reason for the mission - to find the rare OOZALUM bird...

Practically all the comedy moves can be anticipated in this amusingly characterised parody of every jungle film that has ever been made.

This is the nineteenth in the successful an popular "Carry On" series and obviously will not be the last.