A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
88 minutes

Sidney Fiddler -
Hope Springs
Frederick Bumble -
Connie Philpotts -
Peter Potter -
Augusta Prodworthy -
June Whitfield


Admiral -
Mildred Bumble -
Mrs Dukes -
Joan Hickson
Paula Perkins -
Valerie Leon
Larry -
Robin Askwith
Dawn Brakes -
Margaret Nolan
Debra -
Sally Geeson
Miss Bangor -
Angela Grant
Ida Downs -
Wendy Richard
Police Inspector -
David Lodge
Alderman Pratt -
Arnold Ridley
Rosemary -
Patricia Franklin
Fire Chief -
Bill Pertwee
Miss Drew -
Marianne Stone
Constable -
Billy Cornelius
Cecil Gaybody -
Jimmy Logan



"You might think that a beauty contest was the perfect place for the Carry On team to discover new heights of hilarity and new depths of depravity - well you'd be right!

Sidney Fiddler brings a beauty contest to a quiet seaside resort. His problems start with two curvaceous Hells Angels, Miss Easy Rider and Miss Dawn Brakes. There's Major Bumble, Bernard Bresslaw as Britain's first drag beauty queen and last but not least Mrs Angela Prodworthy who is fighting on behalf of Women's Lib.

Girls' is the silver anniversary of Carry On - the 25th in the series and the jokes are bigger and bouncier than ever!"

The Story

Sid Fiddler has an idea to boost the tourist trade in a rundown seaside town...a beauty contest. It is an idea which all the town's male inhabitant like. Unfortunately, their wives & girlfriends aren't quite so enthusiastic. Nevertheless, the contest is going ahead, despite the best efforts of the womenfolk...




By this time, the direction the films were taking is becoming more and more obvious; sex sold films in the mid 1970s, and Rogers and Thomas were switched onto this. I'm far from convinced that this was a good move - true, the later films (and Girls is a prime example) were still good, but the overt sexuality just doesn't work in today's so-called enlightened times. This film's only saving grace, in my eyes, is the fact that Sid and Bernie are in it.