The wiggle and wobble world of seaside beauty competitions comes in for some ribald rib-tickling in the latest "Carry On" comedy, "Carry On Girls"

It is the 25th in the record-breaking comedy series produced by Peter Rogers and directed by Gerald Thomas.  And they have gathered together a formidable cast of comedy favourites to take a belly laugh at the belly-button beat - in a plot about a sagging seaside town which tries to give itself some economic uplift in the shape of a beauty contest.

Heading the cast are Sid James, Barbara Windsor, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Bresslaw, June Whitfield, Peter Butterworth, Jimmy Logan, Patsy Rowlands, Jack Douglas and David Lodge - plus a bevy of glamour including Wendy Richard, Valerie Leon, Sally Geeson, Margaret Nolan and Patricia Franklin.

Sid James plays Councillor Sidney Fiddler who bulldozes Fircombe council into staging a beauty contest as a method of promoting the seaside resort. He is particularly delighted at the thought of "entertaining" all the lovely beauty queens who will be arriving for the contest - a fact not pleasing to his long-suffering lady friend, Connie, played by Joan Sims.  Bernard Bresslaw is a bumbling press agent hired to promote the contest and Barbara Windsor plays Hope Springs, who rejoices in the title "Miss Easy Rider".

Kenneth Connor is the mayor of the town, who has an unfortunate tendency to lose his trousers in the most public places and Patsy Rowlands as his dowdy, disinterested wife.  June Whitfield is councillor Mrs Augusta Prodworthy, Fircombe's formidable leader of womens' lib, who forms a local action group to sabotage the beauty contest.

Here are all the ingredients to make the 25th "Carry On" one of the most hilarious in the series to date.