A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
88 minutes

Sid Boggle -
Doctor Soaper
Charlie Muggins -
Joan Fussey -
Peter Potter -
Miss Haggard -

Bernie Lugg

Babs -
Jim Tanner -
Julian Holloway
Anthea Meeks -
Dilys Laye
Joshua Fiddler -
Harriet Porter -
Betty Marsden
Sally -
Trisha Noble
Mrs Fussey -
Amelia Bayntun
Store Manager -
Brian Oulton
Farmer's Daughter -
Patricia Franklin
Farmer -
Derek Francis
Hefty Girl -
Anna Karen
Store Assistant -
Valerie Leon



"Sid and his reluctant mate, Bernie hit on the idea of a nudist camping holiday to spice things up with their girlfriends! The arrival of Dr Soaper, headmaster of the Chayste Place finishing School, his matron, Miss Haggard, in charge of eleven nubile girls including star pupil Babs set the scene for one of the funniest frolics in the Carry On repertoire."

The Story

Sid & Bernie want to take their girlfriends on a nice, relaxing camping holiday...a nudist camping holiday! On arrival, however, they discover it to be just a normal campsite. Sid & Bernie's spirits are lifted when Doctor Soaper & Miss Haggard arrive with a coachload of young girls...




An absolute classic; from beginning to end, this film oozes quality. Once again, the entire team is here, and they are all on top form. I can watch this one again and again and never tire of it; there's always something new to laugh at. Certainly, this is the most well known of all the Carry Ons, mainly because of the exercise scene, but also because it stands alone as being a superb example of what the series was all about - good clean (?) fun