Sid Boggle (Sidney James) and Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) decide to spend a camping holiday at a nudist camping site with their girlfriends, Joan Fussey (Joan Sims) and Anthea Meeks (Dilys Laye), who are currently not warming to their advances. But it is obvious that they will have to trick the girls into such an unclothed holiday.

Out in the suburbs, Peter Potter (Terry Scott), is being railroaded into camping by his hearty wife Harriet (Betty Marsden), though he dreams of only a sunlit frolic in the south of France. Harriet is a girl of the great outdoors, who just loves to rough it. Potter submits to her as usual.

At the camping equipment shop, yet another Briton, the slight but determined Charlie Muggins (Charles Hawtrey), is already selecting his gear, intending to make his journey on foot.

Yet another contingent of campers is meanwhile making its plans at the Chayste Place Finishing School for Young Ladies. The Head, Dr Soper (Kenneth Williams), orders a preparatory lecture from Miss Haggerd (Hattie Jacques), the prim matron, on the birds and the bees, a subject in which student ringleaders Babs (Barbara Windsor) and Fanny (Sandra Caron), are fully versed.

Soon, all the campers prospective are dealing with travelling disasters. Anthea's tummy plays up something terrible, quite soon after she has taken her seat. Peter Potter gets butted out of a bull's field in which he has chosen to picnic. Charlie Muggins, the foot slogger, pitches his tent on a military firing range and has it blown from around him. He seeks a bed for the night at a farmhouse, anticipating the traditional farmer's daughter. Alas, some other wayfarer has already got her with child, and the farmer is ready to blame the nearest culprit for his misfortune. His next visitor, Peter Potter, asks innocently for some milk and gets a round of buckshot instead.

Sid and Bernie arrive at the paradise camp and find it full of fully clothed British campers.

The Young Ladies from Chayste Place have yet to reach the site, and are spending the night at a hostel where Jim Tanner (Julian Holloway), the driver, suffers a setback in his campaign to seduce Sally (Trisha Noble). Tripping over Fanny on the way back from the washroom, he inadvertently hauls off Bab's shortie nightie, exposing her nakedness to Sally's shocked gaze.

Babs and Fanny also instigate a mix up over washrooms and bedrooms, which leads to Dr Soper stepping naked first into the vast Miss Haggerd's shower, and then into her bed. Miss Haggerd, long neglected by seducers, begins to show interest in t Dr Soper.

Back at the camp site, Sid and Bernie have a difficult time settling in. First they fail in their objective of getting into their girlfriends' tent for the night, then Bernie sticks his head through their tent canvas, and finally they demolish their tent by inadvertently inflating a huge rubber dinghy inside it.

Only the appearance of the glamorous ladies from Chayste Place cheers them and prevents them from packing. They are soon captivated by Babs and Fanny and forget Joan and Anthea in their eagerness to get to grips with the glamour.

Later, the Chayste Place girls go on an excursion to an abbey, followed by Sid and Bernie who manage to make a date for a tent rendezvous the same night.

The boys wait anxiously for Babs and Fanny that night but their liaison is squelched by a nearby beat group and some hippies. Bernie and Sid win peace for the campers by blowing up the amplifying equipment of the group, and rounding up the hippies.

The beat group carry off the girls of Chayste Place in their van however, with the exception of Sally, who has now been won by Jim Tanner.

Dr Soper and Miss Haggerd give pursuit on the Potters' tandem bicycle.

The boys find consolation for the loss of Babs an Fanny in a change of heart by Joan and Anthea.

At this point, Joan's mother arrives to cap the disaster.