A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas

Black & White

Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell (based on an idea by SC Green & RM Hills)
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate U
91 minutes

Charlie - Sid James
Peggy Hattie Jacques
Ted - Kenneth Connor
Pintpot - Charles Hawtrey
Flo - Esma Cannon
Sally - Liz Fraser
Smiley - Bill Owen
Len - Milo O'Shea
Battleaxe - Judith Furse
Molly - Renee Houston
Expectant Father - Jim Dale
Anthea - Amanda Barrie
Sarge - Cyril Chamberlain
Dancy - Peter Gilmore
Nurse - Noel Dyson
Groom - Peter Byrner



"Honk your horn for hilarious fun with Sid James and the rest of the Carry On gang.  Hattie Jacques plays Peggy, long suffering wife of the workaholic owner of Speedee Cabs, Charlie (Sid James).  Peggy decides to get one up on her hubby and starts up a rival firm, Glam Cabs, and soon starts beating Charlie at his own game.  The secret of her success is simple; she only employs gorgeous female taxi drivers!  Carry On Cabby also stars Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey and Jim Dale."

The Story

Charlie owns Speedy Taxis - a man devoted to his work, much to the distaste of wife Peggy. Fed up with coming second to a fare, Peggy hatches a plan to set up her own rival firm, Glamcabs. To her surprise and Charlies dismay, Glamcabs is a raging success and threatens to put Charlie out of business. There's only one way to save Speedy Taxis...




One of the better films, the relationship between Sid and Hattie sets the scene for the domestic situation in many of its successors. Hawtrey fills in admirably for the absent Kenneth Williams with his wide-eyed portrayal of the delightfully inept Pint Pot. The script is one of the better ones of the early Carry Ons and is played to perfection by all involved; the only let down is the slightly twee chase sequence at the end of the film, but this is more than compensated for by the earlier scenes where a despairing Sid is trying to show his incompetent drivers the ropes. Jim Dale makes his first Carry On appearance in a cameo as the expectant father.