Charie Hawkins is the cheerful proprietor of "Speedee Taxis', a flowering fleet which he runs efficiently on military lines. Charlie's, Peggy, constantly berates her husband for devoting more time to his business than he does to her She is driven beyond the point of endurance when, on their wedding anniversary, Charlie stays out plying for hire and teaching the ropes to a bungling new recruit, Terry "Pintpot" Tankard.

When he finally returns, Charlie finds himself locked out of his room. Another problem faces Charlie when Smiley Sims, one of his drivers, has to go to hospital, and his wife, Flo, volunteers to take his place. But the union threatens strike action if Flo is employed. Unknown to Charlie, Flo is approached by Peggy and a great conspiracy begins.

For the next few days an air of mystery surrounds Peggy.  Charlie is uneasy but unsuspecting.  And then Peggy pulls off a master stroke.  She has started up in opposition to Charlie with a fleet of ultra smart taxis called "Glamcabs".  Her drivers are the ultimate in femenine pulchritude, luscious lovelies revealingly attired.  When they are unleashed on the unsuspecting public the buxom beauties lose no time in capturing the imagination and the fares of the populace.

Charlie is staggered, but has no idea that this new rivalry is due ot his money and his wife. He delares war on the Glamcabs and resorts to various types of skullduggery - to no avail.  Reaching desperation point, Charlie and his manager, Ted Watson, plan an all out attack on the enemy stronghold.  Charlie persuades Ted to disguise himself as a Glamcab driver to gain entry into their yard and open the gates for the "invasion".

But Charlie hadn't reckoned on a spy in his midst.  Sally, Ted's shapely girlfriend in the canteen - who has warned Peggy of all Charlie's sabotage acts.

When they "invade" the Glamcab yard, Charlie and his drivers are met with a deluge from hose pipes and forced to beat a hasty retreat, with Ted ending up in a barrel of oil

But it is a hollow victory for Peggy.  Charlie, on discovering the identity of his arch rival, is completely demoralised. Ted, recognising Sally as the spy, settles into complete remose. A deep gloom falls on both camps with neither party willing to take the first step towards reconciliation.

When Peggy and Sally are driving to the bank with their week's takings they are hijacked by a gang of robbers.  Peggy manages to raise the alarm and her message is received in the Hawkins' control room.

Charlie alerts all his drivers and a thrilling chase begins - climaxed by the pursuing cabs onverging on Peggy, Sally and the robbers.  The crooks are captured and Charlie anxiously hurries to see if Peggy has been injured.  Sally is ministering to her and explains to the incredulous Charlie that it is not unusual for his wife to faint in her particular condition.  Already Charlie can picture the hoarding above his cab yard: "Hawkins & Son"