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Peter Rogers talks to Cyprus Radio Napa 90.9FM


Q: The Carry On films are still as popular as ever, why do you think thats the case?

A: Yes they are, people don't change you see, thats why they have survived so long, people will always laugh at the same things for years and years, regardless of time.

Q: The films have been shown around the world, is there any countries in which they wer'nt a sucess?

A: Yes, France. However the films have been show in Germany- I think the reason is because the humour is basic, and can translate well into any language. I've seen Carry On films dubbed into Italian!

Q: Did you have ambition to write and produce comedy?

A: No, not really. I just wanted to write and at the time it didn't matter if it was drama or comedy. I still write to this day. As far as the Carry On films were concerned I was also a re-writer.

Q: Were the films hard to produce, because of there fast moving nature?

A: No. You need to be organised with the best people around you- and we always were on the Carry On films. Shooting didn't take a really long time.

Q: Were that Carry On team easy to work with?

A: Yes they were, you couldn't have a more professional crowd of people, they were all also very friendly.

Q: So what happened to Bob Monkhouse?

A: He didn't fit in properly, I think his personality on screen was too much "over the top". So we never used him again.

Q: But carry On Sergeant was a big worldwide hit?

A: It was surprising really. I don't think the Americans realised the British Army had a uniform!

Q: However you tried to conquer the USA with Follow that Camel?

A: I didn't. The distributors did. They hired Phil Silvers and his price was very, very high. It was a good picture though.

Q: What is your favourite Carry On Film?

A: Carry On Up the Khyber. Incidentally filmed at Camber Sands in Sussex. We always filmed in the UK and as close to Pinewood as possible. In Khyber we had a camel from the local zoo that wouldn't walk on sand!- we had to use metal sheets from an aerodrome under the sand, before it would perform.

Q: I've heard you don't watch the Carry On Films- Is this true?

A: Yes it true. I don't watch them once there finished.

Q: So when was the last time you watched a Carry On film?

A: When they released Carry on Columbus.

Q: There are no plans for a new Carry On?

A: No. Most of the team are dead. You can replace them, but its not easy.

Q: Who was your favourite member of the team?

A: That's difficult and its not fair to the others. However I think my favourite was Joan Sims, because she was so professional and put up with a lot of mucking about. She was always a pro and very funny.

Q: Was it much fun behind the camera?

A: Oh yes. When the people at Pinewood knew a Carry On was coming they were always delighted. It always lightened up the restaurant. The team always sat together and screamed with laughter, we were always a popular unit in Pinewood.

Q: Which comedies do you like to tune in to?

A: I don't like this so called "Alternative" comedy. I loved Round the Horne on BBC Radio in the 60's.

Q: What about Hancock?

A: No, I wasn't really a fan of Tony Hancock.

Q: And no part for him in the Carry On's?

A: I was asked to do a film with him many years ago, but I said no. I just didn't think he was "big screen" material. The films he made didn't really work.

Q: You're still a busy man, talking to us from Pinewood- what do you do nowadays?

A: I come to my office here everyday. There's lots of exploitation to be done! Im doing lots of merchandising and I'm still writing everyday- not that it matters very much, its a nervous tick with me I can't help it. I've been coming to Pinewood studios everyday since it was Gainsbrough Pictures.

Q: Do you often have a peek at whats in Production?

A: I used to, but not now. The American companies here close the sets and won't let anybody on them- no matter who they are. There's security and bodyguards everywhere. Its crazy.

Q: Was it tight security with the Carry On films?

A: No. We always had crowds on the stage. Anyone was welcome. Charlie Hawtrey always brought his mum to the set.

Q: I loved the Carry On Doctor/Nurse films- are they favourites of yours?

A: Oh yes...(laugh)...The doctor films were originally produced by my wife Betty Box and I had to get permission to use the title from her! So I gave her a percentage to keep her quiet!

Q: What are you doing with the rest of the day today?

A: Looking at Boxer shorts!