What a Carry On... (1961)
The next film after Carry on Regardless, What A Carry On was to have been set around an Amateur Dramatics group putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet but Hudis couldn't work it into a full feature script and it was incorporated into Teacher.

Carry On Smoking (1961)
Conflicting reports state that the script for this film would have been written by Michael Pertwee or Norman Hudis (Hudis sounds more likely), had it gone ahead. The story revolved around a fire station, under the command of Sid James, and various attempts to train a bungling group of new recruits. Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey were to have played the supporting roles. The idea was abandoned because Gerald Thomas was afraid the film might suffer if a major disaster occurred at the time of its release.

Carry On Flying (1962)
Scripted by Norman Hudis, this story revolved around a group of RAF recruits. It got as far as pre-production, but was abandoned.

Carry On Spaceman (1962)
Another Hudis script, similar to his previous attempt, but this time following the fortunes of a group of would-be astronauts. A further Carry On Spaceman script was later produced by Denis Gifford, but it too went unmade.

Carry On Escaping
During the Second World War, Talbot Rothwell and Peter Butterworth spent time interred in the same prisoner of war camp. Carry On Escaping was inspired by their experiences there and progressed as far in pre-production as a close to final script. The final, complete script for Carry On Escaping can be found in the book "The Complete A-Z of Everything Carry On"

Carry On Again Nurse (1979)
Carry On Again Nurse was announced as the 31st film in the series. The script, written by George Layton and Jonathan Lynn was completed. The box office receipts for Emmannuelle back in 79 though not brilliant were healthy enough to warrant another film - the X rated Carry On Nursing was dropped at the planning stages as Peter felt sure that the AA certificate that Emmannuelle had worked against

Carry on Dallas (AKA Carry on Texas) (1987)
A planned spoof of the then popular US soap, Carry on Dallas. A full script was written and casting offers made - including Kenny Williams, Kenny Connor, Jack Douglas, Suzanne Danielle, Joan Sims, Charlie Hawtrey (in a guest role) and Jim Dale. The script centred around the Ramming family (and not screwing which was dropped in an early draft as this could have endangered the A certificate).  When the 'Who Shot JR' thing happened and Dallas became the most watched TV programme in the world at that time. Lorrimar then wanted a royalty about 20 times the size of the total budget to use the programme as a base - so the production dried up.

Carry on Down Under (1988)
Carry On Down Under was loosely to have been based on the Neighbours series and its ilk. Location scouting had been carried out by Gerald Thomas, in Australia, but eventually the finance fell through. Essentially, Peter always liked the script for Carry On Dallas, and so a couple of years later the oil tycoons became sewage farmers and the whole thing shifted to Australia. Gerry Thomas had seen some locations there whilst on holiday and spoke to the Australian film commission who welcomed the idea with open arms. Carry On Dallas and Carry On Down Under are the same script!!!

Carry On Again Nurse (1988)
A return to the medical Carry Ons, in a script written by Norman Hudis (featured in the book "The Lost Carry Ons". Many of the original Carry On team (including Williams and Windsor) got together in the mid 1980s, when a planned movie, once again set in a hospital, was given a tentative green light. The film was sadly cancelled before it even got off the ground.

The film was widely covered in the press and it was also on breakfast TV (TVam devoted a 30 minute slot to interviews with the cast) and even got a mention on Film 88 but it didn't happen. Had the series of kick started again after Columbus it would have followed it in 93/94.

TV Specials (1988)
Peter Rogers announced in 1988 that he was planning to return the Carry Ons to television with a series of 4 one hour dramas starring the likes of Barbara Windsor, Bernard Bresslaw, Frankie Howerd, Kenneth Connor, Terry Scott, Joan Sims and Jack Douglas.

TV Specials (1991)
Another attempt to bring the series to the small screen. This collection of half-hour stories was to have starred a handful of the old favourites.

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