Kenneth Williams' Obituary

Reuters, 14/4/88

Actor Kenneth Williams, one of Britain's most colourful satirical comedians and star of numerous "Carry On..." films, died at his London home on Friday, his agent said. He was 62.

Williams delighted and sometimes outraged audiences with his bawdy humour and mastery of sexual innuendo in radio programs such as "Round the Horne" and "Beyond Our Ken".

His raucous laugh and effeminate manner marked him out as a familiar face in British film comedy.

His most famous roles were in 28 "Carry On" films which lampooned British institutions from the Church to the trade unions. The slapstick style of the films, including "Carry On Camping" and "Carry on Cleo", still draws television audiences from East Germany to Australia.

Williams, a gaunt man with flaring nostrils, built up popular comedy partnerships with television comedian Tony Hancock in the 1950s and radio humourist Kenneth Horne in the 1960s. He starred for almost 20 years in the radio comedy quiz "Just a Minute", heard throughout the world on the British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) World Service.