Carry On Christmas

24 December 1973
9pm, ITV
Thames TV Production

Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell & Dave Freeman
Producer: Gerald Thomas
Executive Producer: Peter Rogers
Director: Ronald Fouracre

Sid Belcher, Seedpod, Sir Henry, Sergeant Ball, Robin Hood...Sid James

Mother, Sennapod, Bishop's Wife, Adelle, Salvation Army Woman, Maid Marion, Traffic Warden...Joan Sims

Peapod, Camp Aristocrat, Darts Player, Captain Ffingburgh, Much, Policeman...Bernard Bresslaw

Shop Manager, Anthropod, The Bishop, Private Parkin, Will Scarlet...Kenneth Connor

Carol Singer (2001 BC), Crapper, 1st German Soldier, Ballad Singer...Jack Douglas

Virginia, Crompet, Lady Frances, Fifi, Lady Frances...Barbara Windsor

Carol Singer (2001 BC), Old Man, Darts Player, 2nd German Soldier, Friar Tuck...Peter Butterworth

Captain Rose...Julian Holloway

The Story

Sid Belcher is playing an unenthusiastic store Santa over the Christmas holidays. When he meets Virginia, he knows what to give her for Christmas, but doesn't think her mother will allow it! When the customers have gone, Sid wonders how Christmas was celebrated throughout the ages...

2001 BC - The pods, a caveman family, are preparing Christmas dinner. Things aren't going too well until Seedpod brings home a present for his son...Crompet. When the Angles invade, Seed hatches a plan to be alone with his son's new toy...

1759 - A group of aristocrats are relaxing after a wonderful Christmas dinner. Before bed, they decide to indulge in some party games - starting with postman's knock...

1917 - Christmas Eve in the trenches - all is quiet, except for the double entendres and arguments between the troops. Spirits are low, until a couple of French ladies pay a visit...followed closely by 2 German soldiers

1172 - Sherwood Forest...Robin Hood & his merry men are not having a good Christmas, but things look up when the Lady Frances appears...

Ballet dance - the Carry On team perform a ballet guessed it...the Nutcracker Suite, all dressed in flowing white tutus...even the men!



A welcome return to form for the Carry On Christmas team. Perhaps it's the presence of the ever-wonderful Sid James, but this one really feels like a Christmas party, with the whole team sparklingly funny as they blast their way through yet another series of festive sketches. Sid makes a marvellous Santa, donning his very best old lech persona. The style, as with the later Carry On films, is far more raucous and saucy than earlier instalments but it still has all the charm and wit of the Carry Ons at their very best.