A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas

Black & White

Screenplay: Norman Hudis
Music: Bruce Montgomery
Certificate U
86 minutes

William Wakefield - Ted Ray
Gregory Adams Kenneth Connor
Michael Bean - Charles Hawtrey
Alastair Grigg - Leslie Phillips
Sarah Allcock - Joan Sims
Edwin Milton - Kenneth Williams
Grace Short - Hattie Jacques
Felicity Wheeler - Rosalind Knight
Alf - Cyril Chamberlain
Robin Stevens - Richard O'Sullivan
Sheila Dale - Carol White
Boy - Larry Dunn


"Prepare for six of the best as the Carry On team cause chaos in the school yard.

When a well-loved headmaster decides to retire, his scheming pupils have other ideas.

The cunning boys unleash a campaign of practical jokes, armed with gin, itching powder and bombs!   No-one is safe from the classroom havoc in this Carry On starring all the regulars, including immortal Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Connor and Joan Sims."


The Story

William Wakefield is not a happy headmaster. His plans to move to another school are continually thwarted by his devoted pupils. Wakefield does not realise how popular he is with his students, who resort to lacing the staff tea with alcohol and filling his study with itching powder; just some of the many stunts they pull to try and get him to stay. But when he finds out, will he want to?




 Not one of the great Carry Ons. Maybe I'm just jaded by all those St Trinians films, but this doesn't really feel like part of the series we all know and love; the jokes are all standard fare and there's generally nothing new on offer. Nevertheless, the cast put in sterling performances, notably Ted Ray who would have made an entertaining addition to the team.