GGT Uses Carry On Theme for KP Nuts Push

Campaign, 2/6/95

GGT has adopted a Carry On theme for its latest work for KP Nuts with a poster campaign featuring a series of corny double entendres.

The posters, KP's first campaign for two years, use shots of the stars of the Carry On films holding packets of KP Nuts. Sid James grins from one poster with the headline: 'Keep your hands off my nuts', while Kenneth Williams is shown giving his famous shocked expression under the caption: 'Nuts? Ooo!...Matron!'

A third poster, promoting a new Tobago chilli flavour of nuts, stars Charles Hawtrey and uses the headline: 'I say! My nuts are chilli!' All the executions feature the endline: 'Carry on nibbling.'

The work, which will be appearing on Adshels from this week, was written by Juan Scott and art directed by Kevan Middleton. Jay Pond-Jones, joint creative director at GGT, said the brief for the campaign had been to help KP Nuts regain ground as a snack for young people.

'For a long time now nuts have been something you find in little bowls at your parents' parties. The ads are meant to make them much more like a confectionery,' Pond-Jones explained.

The advertising follows a package redesign by KP. The new packets are long and thin and look much more like a chocolate bar packet.

Most of the Carry On films are now more than 20 years old, but James Sheffield, GGT's board account director on the KP business, argues that the films are still popular with a younger age group.

'The Carry On series has attained a new cult status with young people thanks to satellite channels such as UK Gold,' Sheffield said.