A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas

Black & White

Screenplay: Norman Hudis (Based on an idea by Patrick Cargill & Jack Searle)
Music: Bruce Montgomery
Certificate U
86 minutes

Dorothy Denton - Shirley Eaton
Bernie Bishop Kenneth Connor
Hinton - Charles Hawtrey
Matron - Hattie Jacques
Ted York - Terence Longdon
Percy Hickson - Bill Owen
Jack Bell - Leslie Phillips
Stella Dawson - Joan Sims
Georgie Axwell - Susan Stephen
Oliver Reckitt - Kenneth Williams
The Colonel - Wilfred Hyde-White
Frances James - Susan Beaumont
Norm - Norman Rossington
Jill Thompson - Jill Ireland
Sister - Joan Hickson
Helen Lloyd - Ann Firbank
Marge Hickson - Irene Handl
Jane Bishop - Susan Shaw
George - Michael Medwin


"The Carry On which caused a national sensation when a daffodil replaced a thermometer - you know where!!! The Carry On team have picked up their stethoscopes and bed pans for a strong dose of hospital humour.  Hattie Jacques is the infamous matron, doing battle with the patients in the second of the world famous Carry On series, starring Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey, Leslie Phillips and Joan Sims as the bewildered Nurse Dawson."

The Story

Haven Hospital is ruled with an iron fist by Matron, and tied up with more red tape than the civil service. The patients, who include boxer Bernie Bishop, Oliver Reckitt and the gambling Colonel, decide they can't stand anymore punishment and hatch a plan to run the hospital the way they want.




 The first of the medical Carry Ons, and it's easy to see why they became so popular. Hattie makes a wonderful matron; austere and threatening, but ultimately good at heart, while the rest of the cast relish their anti-establishment positions and go thoroughly over the top. The scene in the operating theatre still remains one of the best ever Carry On moments.