A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
87 minutes

Sid Carter
Sir Bernard Cutting
Francis Goode -
Matron -
Mrs Tidey -
Ernie -

Dr Prodd

Nurse Susan Ball -
Mr Tidey -
Cyril Carrier -
Kenneth Cope
Freddy -
Bill Maynard
Evelyn Banks -
Sister -
Jacki Piper
Arthur -
Derek Francis
Mrs Jenkins -
Amelia Bayntun
Jane Darling -
Valerie Leon
Ambulance Driver -
Brian Osborne
Frances Kemp -
Gwendolyn Watts
Miss Smethurst -
Valerie Shute
Tucker -
Margaret Nolan
Miss Willing -
Wendy Richard
Reporter -
Bill Kenwright
Expectant Father -
Jack Douglas
Mrs Pullitt -
Madeline Smith
Mrs Putzova -
Marianne Stone
Mrs Bentley -
Juliet Harmer



"Carry On Matron is one of the very best loved of all Carry Ons - largely because of Hattie Jacques' marvellous performance in the title role.

Carry On Matron finds the team on top form in Finisham Maternity Hospital. Sid James leads a team of less than professional crooks intent on stealing a huge hoard of birth control pills.

If your funny bone is in need of tickling, this is the prescription you need.

GOVERNMENT HEALTH WARNING: Carrying On can seriously improve your sense of humour."

The Story

Appearances can be deceptive - Sir Bernard Cutting, head of Finisham Maternity Hospital is outwardly the very picture of professionalism, but behind closed doors, he's a complete hypochondriac. He asks Dr Goode for advice, who tells him the only cure is to assert his manhood. His eyes alight (well, they could hardly miss) on the Matron. Unfortunately, she's too engrossed in her favourite soap opera...




Another good one, and another that sticks in the minds of most people. The stars are all settled into the roles we love them for most; Sid's the rogue, Kenny is the confused, almost deranged bureaucrat; they're all just how we remember them. At a time when the series was losing a lot of its stars along the wayside, it's good to see they can still produce a quality film.