Carry On London

14 September 1973 - 29 September 1973: Birmingham Hippodrome
4 October 1973 - March 1975: Victoria Palace, London

Written by: Talbot Rothwell, Dave Freeman & Eric Merriman
Additional Material: Ian Grant
Orchestra Director: Richard Holmes
Manager & Stage Director: Alan West
Choreography: Tommy Shaw

Act 1
Round about Victoria!!
What a Carry On!
Carry on Girls
Emergency Ward 99 and a bit
Deauville 1900
Elizabethan Madrigals
London Night Out

Curtain Time at the Royal Standard Music Hall

Act 2
Carry On London
Hello Dollies
Be Prepared
Cleopatra's Palace on the Nile
Cleopatra's Boudoir

Carry On London, a collection of revue sketches based firmly on the Carry On style, brought the series right back to its roots; traditional British music hall.

Carry On London became a huge success during its initial run at the Birmingham Hippodrome, back in September 1973, so much so that a London run became inevitable. The 18 month London staging was similarly a roaring success; reportedly one of the most successful revues ever.

The sketches were written by Carry On stalwarts Talbot Rothwell and Dave Freeman, with Eric Merriman and featured reworkings of a number of Carry On film excerpts, as well as pastiches of current shows and the usual mixture of song and dance routines.

The entire play was recorded by ATV for transmission as the TV special "What a Carry On"