A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
89 minutes

King Henry VIII -
Thomas Cromwell
Sir Roger de Lodgerley -
Queen Marie -
Cardinal Wolsey -
Bettina -

King of France

Lord Hampton of Wick -
Major Domo -
David Davenport
Buxom Woman -
Margaret Nolan
Physician -
William Mervyn
Farmer -
Derek Francis
Guy Fawkes -
Bill Maynard
Warder -
Dave Prowse
Queen -
Gurard -
Billy Cornelius
Royal Tailor -
John Bluthal
Heckler -
Anthony Sagar
Warder -
Brian Wilde
The Earl of Bristol -



"Carry On Henry is the (almost) true story of Henry VIII's love life.

Discover previously hidden details of Henry's private life, such as his hatred of garlic and his love of hunting... wenches that is!

Sid James turns in a majestic performance as his highness and is given noble support by Kenneth Williams, Terry Scott and the rest of the regulars."

The Story

A loose interpretation of the life of Henry VIII (loose being the operative word), this story follows the King's marriage to Queen Marie of France. Eager to have a son (well, that's his excuse!), he rushes to the bedchamber but his new bride smells so badly of garlic that his ardour is somewhat dampened. Then along comes Bettina, daughter of the Earl of Bristol. So eager is he to get his hands on her...er...dowry, that he plots to get rid of Marie...




Second to Cleo, this is the best of the historical Carry Ons; Sid is obviously having a ball as the King, an enthusiasm shared by the whole cast. The film works well both as a historical story and a member of the series. At a time when a new Carry On was largely a hit and miss affair, this one hits the mark square on.