A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: David Pursall & Jack Seddon
Music: Max Harris
Certificate AA
89 minutes

Captain S Melly -
Sergeant Major Bloomer
Windsor Davies
Sergeant Tilly Willing -
Judy Geeson
Sergeant Len Able -
Patrick Mower
Bombardier Ready -
Private Ffoukes-Sharpe -

Gunner Shorthouse

Melvyn Hayes
Major Carstairs -
Private Alice Easy -
Diane Langton
Major Butcher -
Julian Holloway
Brigadier -
Peter Jones
Captain Bull -
David Lodge
Gunner Shaw -
Larry Dann
Gunner Owen -
Brian Osborne
Captain Melly's Driver -
Johnny Briggs
Nurse -
Linda Hooks



"Make Love Not War!

The Carry On team are part of an experimental mixed anti-aircraft battery during World War II.

The Luftwaffe never had it so easy!

Troops Ready, Willing and Able join forces to strike terror into the heart of the enemy (well sort of)!

Discover where Churchill's famous Victory sign really originated from.

Carry On England... Patriotism has never been funnier!"


The Story

Captain S Melly is one of the old guard...a stickler for tradition. So, when he is posted to an army camp where the male and female soldiers are allowed to...ahem...mingle freely, he sets about imposing a bit of discipline. The soldiers, meanwhile, have plans of their own...




Oh dear, what a mistake. Much of what made the Carry Ons what they are is missing from this film; few of the regular cast are in it, the script is lousy, and the general atmosphere of the piece is pretty poor. From beginning to end, it's a series of badly thought out and atrociously played out set pieces. Avoid if you have any sense.