A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Lance Peters
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate AA
90 minutes

Emmanuelle Prevert
Suzanne Danielle
Emile Prevert
Leyland -
Lyons -
Mrs Dangle -
Richmond -

Mrs Valentine

Beryl Reid
Theodore Valentine -
Larry Dann
Harold Hump -
Henry McGee
Guest -



"The Carry On team are back with an accumulation of jokes which grow steadily bluer...

Emmannuelle (Suzanne Danielle) is the fascinating, delectable young wife of a foreign diplomat at the Court of St. James whose charms are irresistible to members of the opposite sex of all nationalities and walks of life.

Her travels lead her to intimate encounters with a variety of men, including LARRY DANN (Theodore), JACK DOUGLAS & KENNETH CONNOR amongst others. In fact she becomes England's most famous and popular sex symbol and gradually her husband Emile begins to feel he must be missing out on what every other man in England seems to be enjoying - with the exception of the inconsolable Theodore. Emile prepares a little surprise for his ravishing wife which bears fruit in the most prolific and unpredictable manner."

The Story

Emmannuelle Prevert can't get enough. The only problem is her husband, Emile...ever since he had a nasty run-in with a church spire, in a freak hang-gliding accident, he hasn't been able to...er...perform. No-one else can satisfy Emmanuelle; she knows because she's tried. So, she devises a plan to get her beloved back between the sheets...




This was the final nail in the coffin. While not a bad film per se (there are more than a few decent jokes along the way) it certainly isn't a Carry On. The entire film is centred around sex; not the schoolboy humour of the previous films, full of boggling eyes and feigned innocence; this one sets out to be deliberately smutty, and fails at every turn. The cast look tired and the whole piece is really a dud.