A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay:Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A
90 minutes

Sir Rodney Ffing/The Black Fingernail
Citizen Camembert
Lord Darcy de Pue
Duc de Pommfrit
Desiree Dubarry
Citizen Bidet
Dany Robin
Marianne Stone
Michael Ward
Malabonce the Executioner
- Leon Greene
- Julian Orchard
1st Lady
- Jennifer Clulow
2nd Lady
- Valerie Von Ost
3rd Lady
- Jacqueline Pearce
- Billy Cornelius


"Paris, 1789 and the Great Revolution is underway. The noblest heads in the land are being lost to the fearful embrace of Madame Guillotine.

Sir Rodney Ffing (Sid James), an Englishman of the finest breeding, decides to lift a little finger (or even two). Daring rescues are staged and a calling card is always left bearing the contemptuous sign of that damned elusive The Black Fingernail.

Searching for Ffing and his faithful partner, Lord Darcy, are the fiendish Citizen Camembert and Citizen Bidet.

Will the Fingernail's true identity be discovered? Will Camembert and Bidet have the last laugh? Will you manage to stop laughing your head off in this hilarious romp with the best of the Cary On team?"


The Story

France is in the middle of a revolution and the aristocracy are busy making the acquaintance of Madame Guillotine. To the rescue comes the dashing Black Fingernail; snatching the aristos from the jaws of death. Citizen Camembert is sent to England to track down the Black Fingernail and bring him to justice...




 Like Cowboy, this is an extremely ambitious film. A historical story, it is visually a masterpiece; wonderful sets, scenery and awash with derring do. There are plenty of gags interspersed throughout, but as a whole, I'm never left with the impression that it's much of a comedy; simply an adventure. Not necessarily a bad thing, admittedly, but it's not enough to elevate it to the heights of some of the series' classics.