A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Norman Hudis (based on a story by Eric Barker)
Music: Bruce Montgomery & Douglas Gamely
Certificate U
89 minutes

Captain Crowther - Sid James
First Officer Majorbanks Kenneth Williams
Doctor Binn - Kenneth Connor
Glad Trimble - Liz Fraser
Flo Castle - Dilys Laye
Bridget Madderley - Esma Cannon
Chef Wilfred Haines - Lance Percival
Sam Turner - Ronnie Stephens
Jenkins - Vincent Ball
Tom Tree - Cyril Chamberlain
Fat Man - Willoughby Goddard
Young Officer - Ed Devereaux
Steward - Brian Rawlinson
Young Man - Anton Rogers
First Cook - Anthony Sagar
Second Cook - Mario Fabrizi



"A life on the ocean wave with the Carry On crew!  Sid James is the long-suffering Captain of the luxury cruise liner SS Happy Wanderer, a ship full of misfits who don't know their portholes from any other holes!  It isn't long before the luckless passengers mix with the hopeless crew to raise titanic laughs on the ship of fools. 

Carry On Cruising is the sixth Carry On film and the first in colour, and stars all the Carry On favourites including Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor and Lance Percival."


The Story

Captain Crowther is in charge of a cruise liner where the crew and passengers seem ideally matched; they're both as inept as each other! The chef suffers from seasickness, the doctor falls helplessly in love with one of the passengers and the first officer sees the whole thing as beneath his not-so-obvious talents.




The Carry Ons burst into colour for the first time in one of the finest films of the series. In a plot vaguely reminiscent of Carry On Sergeant, Williams, Connor et al farce around while Captain Sid vainly tries to maintain control over both his ship and his sanity. Charles Hawtrey's absence is barely noticed, thanks to memorable performances by most of the team, especially newcomer Lance Percival. The romance between Kenneth Connor and Dilys Laye is a bit stomach churning, but Connor manages to inject some wry humour into the situation.