A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas

Black & White

Screenplay: Norman Hudis (based on an idea by Brock Martin)
Music: Bruce Montgomery
Certificate U
86 minutes

Sergeant Frank Wilkins - Sid James
Inspector Mills Eric Barker
Constable Charlie Constable - Kenneth Connor
Special Constable Gorse - Charles Hawtrey
Constable Benson - Kenneth Williams
Constable Potter - Leslie Phillips
WPC Gloria Passworthy - Joan Sims
Sergeant Laura Moon - Hattie Jacques
Sally - Shirley Eaton
Constable Thurston - Cyril Chamberlain
Mrs May - Joan Hickson
Distraught Woman - Irene Handl
Herbert Hall - Terence Longdon
Harrison - Jill Adams
First Crook - Freddie Mills
Old Woman - Esma Cannon
Vague Woman - Noel Dyson
Assistant Manager - Robin Ray


"Carry On favourite Sid James joins the team for the first time as the long-suffering Sergeant Wilkins, in charge of the sorriest bunch of Constables who ever fumbled with their truncheons.

There's nothing this collection of dim-witted buffoons in blue can't make a mess of, including dressing in drag to catch shoplifters!  Sid James is joined in this hilarious comedy by Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques and Joan Sims."


The Story

Sergeant Wilkins has the unenviable task of training 4 new police recruits. He's convinced they aren't going to pass muster, but battles on, despite a catalogue of disasters; old ladies dragged screaming across roads, helping robbers, being arrested for shoplifting. Will they ever make good?




A return to form, and the first appearance of the mighty Sid James. Another classic Carry On, all the regulars seem to have found what will become their regular roles. In particular, the double act of Hawtrey & Williams is a real treat; look out for some wonderful Hinge & Brackett moments as they parade around in drag. The ending is rather clich?d, with the gang trying to capture a band of desperate criminals, but if you can ignore this, you're in for some vintage stuff.