A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Dave Freeman
Music: John du Prez
Certificate: PG
87 minutes

Christopher Columbus - Jim Dale
Mordecai Mendoza Bernard Cribbins
King Ferdinand of Spain - Leslie Phillips
Queen Isabella of Spain -

June Whitfield

Fatima - Sara Crowe
Achmed -

Alexei Sayle

Don Juan Felipe

- Richard Wilson
Countess Esmeralda - Maureen Lipman
Don Juan Diego - Julian Clary
Pepi the Poisoner - Keith Allen
Marco the Cereal Killer - Jack Douglas
Tonto the Torch - Danny Peacock
Bart Columbus - Peter Richardson
Maria - Holly Aird
Chiquita - Rebecca Lacey
Sultan of Turkey - Rik Mayall
Wazir - Nigel Planer
Duke of Costa Brava - Jon Pertwee
Wang - Burt Kwouk
Bosun - Don Henderson
Governor of the Canaries - Peter Gilmore
Cecil the Torturer - Harold Berens
Baba - Tony Slattery
Martin - Martin Clunes
Pontiac - Charles Fleischer
Hubba - Chris Langham
The Chief - Larry Martin
Manservant - John Antrobus



"It's 1492 and the Sultan of Turkey controls overland trade from the Far East to Europe. Christopher Columbus, looking to make his fortune, persuades the King and Queen of Spain to finance an expedition to find a new sea route to India.

In the best traditions of the original Carry on series, this historical farce features the cream of the current comedy crop...

Starring Jim Dale, Maureen Lipman, Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Alexei Sayle, Julian Clary and a host of others it's sure to be a well crewed voyage! So why not grab an oar and set sail with the biggest bunch of anchors who ever put to sea!"


The Story

Christopher Columbus, a Spanish map maker, has a plan to find a new route from Europe to the Far East, bypassing the Sultan of Turkey and his extortionate taxes. He persuades the King & Queen of Spain to finance his trip and sets off, completely unaware that his cabin boy is a woman. They eventually reach the new land...unfortunately, they are not alone.




Well, it's hard to say what I really think of this one. On the one hand, its a well made piece and an admirable tribute to the immortal Carry On series. But I cannot accept it as being a true member of the series; the style isn't the same, very few familiar faces are in it. The world has moved on and it seems the art of making Carry On films was lost. It's a good film, nonetheless - funny in places and pretty well written. There are also quite a few truly memorable scenes (notably the segment where America is discovered - the natives are hilarious), but on the whole a poor Carry On.