A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
92 minutes

Julius Caesar - Kenneth Williams
Mark Anthony Sid James
Henghist Pod - Kenneth Connor
Seneca -

Charles Hawtrey

Calpurnia - Joan Sims
Horsa -

Jim Dale


- Amanda Barrie
Gloria - Julie Stephens
Senna Pod - Sheila Hancock
Sergeant Major - Victor Maddern
Soothsayer - Jon Pertwee
Agrippa - Francis de Wolff
Archimedes - Michael Ward
Brutus - Brian Oulton
Sosages - Tom Clegg
Virginia - Tanya Binning
Bilius - David Davenport
Galley Master - Peter Gilmore
Spencius - Warren Mitchell
Marcus - Gertan Klauber
Bidder - Wanda Ventham
Narrator - EVH Emmett



"Infamy, infamy - they've all got it in for me!"   Kenneth Williams' Julius Caesar is having a bad day in the funniest toga party of all time - a historical and hysterical take on the life and loves of the Queen of the Nile.  Follow the amorous adventures of Sidney James' Mark Anthony as he clinches with the gorgeous Amanda Barrie's sultry Cleopatra, in by far the most lavish looking of all the Carry On films.  With a brilliant Carry On cast including Jim Dale, Jon Pertwee, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims and Kenneth Connor as Hengist Pod, inventor of the square wheel!"

The Story

Caesar is not enjoying life - the British weather doesn't agree with him...he's caught a cold. As if that wasn't bad enough, his general, Mark Anthony, is plotting with Cleopatra to overthrow him.

Meanwhile, genius inventor Hengist Pod, has come up with a brilliant idea to stop carts rolling downhill - square wheels. Before he can perfect his idea, however, he and his friend Horsa are captured and sold into slavery. What will become of him...?




Superb; that's the only way to sum up this film. From beginning to end, it's an absolute treat - sumptuous visuals (largely thanks to a certain other film about Cleopatra), one of the best Carry On scripts ever, and the entire cast giving it everything they've got. Even today, some 30 odd years later, it stands up as being a wonderfully made piece of cinema. If you haven't seen this one yet, do so!