A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Dave Freeman
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate AA
90 minutes

Professor Anna Vooshka -
Elke Sommer
Professor Ronald Crump
Arthur Upmore -
Major Lee -
Ernie Bragg -
Daphne Barnes -

Mr Barnes

Fred Ramsden -
Windsor Davies
Sylvia Ramsden -
Liz Fraser
Linda Upmore -
Joe Baxter -
Ian Lavender
Norma Baxter -
Adrienne Posta
Very Bragg -
Patricia Franklin
Dean -
Donald Hewlett
Sandra -
Carol Hawkins
Landlord -
David Lodge
Mrs Rowan -
Marianne Stone
Doctor -
George Layton
Bob -
Brian Osborne
Clive -
Larry Dunn
Maureen -
Diana Darvey
Veronica -
Jenny Cox
Man eating salad -
Billy Cornelius
Student eating ice cream -
Jeremy Connor
Lady in dress -
Alexandra Dane
Projectionist -
Sam Kelly
Plasterer -
Johnny Briggs
Lady in hat -
Lucy Griffiths



"This time the jokes really are ancient!

Roland Crump, played by Carry On favourite Kenneth Williams, is an eminent archaeologist excavating a Roman Town that just happens to lie beneath a caravan site at the height of the summer season.

In Carry On Behind, the team leave no stone unturned in their ruthless pursuit of laughter."


The Story

Professors Anna Vooshka and Ronald Crump are sitting on the archaeological find of the decade - the only problem is a local campsite is also sitting on it. As if that wasn't enough, Professor Vooshka's plans for Crump extend beyond the dig...




An enthusiastic, but lacklustre affair, this one. All concerned do their very best to make it work, but there isn't really enough here to sustain an entire film. Worth watching, just for some classic performances by Williams and the gang, but far a from memorable film.