A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
90 minutes

Sid Plummer -
WC Boggs
Charlie Coote -
Beattie Plummer -
Chloe Moore -
Bernie Hulke -

Vic Spanner

Kenneth Cope
Miss Withering -
Myrtle Plummer -
Jacki Piper
Lewis Boggs -
Richard O'Callaghan
Fred Moore -
Bill Maynard
Benny -
Davy Kaye
Agatha Spanner -
Renee Houston
Maud -
Marianne Stone
Popsy -
Margaret Nolan
Willie -
Geoffrey Hughes
Ernie -
Hugh Futcher
Pub Manager -
Bill Pertwee



"The Carry On team throw caution to the wind and present an hour and a half of good. clean lavatorial humour.

Kenneth Williams is W.C. Boggs, the troubled owner of a small company trying to manufacture fine toiletware.

Incompetent management and a bolshy union are just about the least of Bogg's problems as you'll soon discover in this hysterical comedy that tells you everything you always wanted to know about your home's most vital convenience."

The Story

WC Boggs & Son make toilets...well, they do when the workforce aren't on strike, which isn't very often these days. Shop steward Vic Spanner jumps on every opportunity to call the workers out. In an effort to placate the workforce, Sid Plummer proposes a works outing - something which Boggs and the senior management decide to be a very good idea...




This is the one; the best Carry On in the entire series; it's an absolute gem from beginning to end. Convenience was unpopular at the time, due to it's negative portrayal of trade unions, but looking beyond the surface, there's a wonderfully rich story which is not just full of jokes, but also full of good humour. My favourite segment is the outing to Brighton; the gang are all out to have a good time, and they certainly succeed in that. Put this in the video, sit back, and be prepared for one of the funniest films ever.