Titter Not!  The Bare Facts about Frankie Howerd


Written by & Starring: Paul Harris

`To say that Frankie Howerd had an amazing career is something of an understatement. As he said himself, he had more ups and downs than a "whore's drawers". Although he made people laugh for nearly fifty years, Frankie Howard was a troubled man, who stumbled through life convinced that every job would be his last.

He was the highest paid comedy star in the country within two years of turning professional and yet a few years later found himself out of work and living on just ten pounds a week. Radio producers said he was the most difficult person they had to work with and yet the public adored him.

Titter Not is an affectionate look at the man, his life and his work. A three handed play that takes us from his army days, through the highs and lows of his career, to his memorial service at St Martin in the Fields. In play that is at times happy, sad, dramatic and funny, mirroring the elements of Frankie Howard’s life.

In this vivid portrayal, we view his life and times with the help of two people: 'The Writer' and 'The Friend'. These are not two particular people from his life, but an amalgam of all the writers that ever wrote articles, reviews and books about the man, his friends, lovers and business associates.