"Carry On England", the 28th of the ever-popular laughter series is to be produced by Peter Rogers and directed by Gerald Thomas, this time from a script by David Pursall and Jack Seddon.

The background for the countless carry ons that occur during every minute of the film is an "experimental" mixed anti-aircraft battery headquartered somewhere in England in 1940, which causes as much trouble on home ground as it does to the enemy in the air.

Heading the cast is veteran "carry-on-ite" Kenneth Connor, promoted from private in the first of the series 18 years ago to the rank of Captain S Melly, who is detailed to restore law and order among the mutinous mixed rankers, with total ignorance as his only qualification.  He is partnered in his attempt to knock some shape into the battery by Windsor Davies as Sgt Maj "Tiger" Bloomer, whose traditional method of exerting authority through ear-splitting expletives is gagged by the presence of the "females" under his command.

Newcomers to the "Carry On" series in "Carry On England" include Patrick Mower, Judy Geeson and Melvyn Hayes.

Foremost among the rankers, whose battery slogan might well be "Make Love Not War" are Jack Douglas, Judy Geeson and Patrick Mower as Bombardier Ready, Sgt Willing and Sgt Able; Diane Langton as the buxom Pte Alice Easy; Melvyn Hayes as Gunner Shorthouse; Joan Sims as Pte Sharpe who has her eye on "Tiger" Bloomer; Larry Dann, Brian Osborne, Tricia Newby, Barbara Hampshire, Jeannie Collings and Jeremy Connor, who start their battery training with wooden ammunition; Peter Jones as the Brigadier who discovers a private war going on within his own ranks when the sexes of mixed battery are segregated by a barbed wire barrier and Peter Butterworth as his second in command Major Carstaris; Julian Holloway and Linda Hooks as the army doctor and his nurse who ally themselves with Melly to prevent the troops from malingering.