There’s something nasty lurking in the woods. Young girls are being abducted by a mysterious creature. When Albert Potter’s (Jim Dale) girlfriend Doris (Angela Douglas) goes missing, he turns to Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung (Harry H Corbett) and his trusty assistant Slobotham (Peter Butterworth) for help.

The trail of evidence leads the investigators to the mysterious Bide-a-Wee rest home where they meet the sinister Doctor Watt (Kenneth Williams) and his vamp-like sister Valeria (Fenella Fielding).  Valeria convinces Bung of her innocence but as the evidence mounts up, it is clear that there’s more to the Watts than meets the eye.  Returning to interview Valeria, Bung is transformed into a hideous creature and sent to recover the mannequin into which young Doris has been transformed.  But time is running out for the Watts and their dreams of shop window domination. 


A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
97 minutes

Detective Sergeant Bung - Harry H Corbett
Doctor Watt Kenneth Williams
Albert - Jim Dale
Valeria -

Fenella Fielding

Emily Bung - Joan Sims
Dan Dan -

Charles Hawtrey

Detective Constable Slobotham

- Peter Butterworth
Sockett -

Bernard Bresslaw

Doris Mann - Angela Douglas
Doctor Fettle - Jon Pertwee
Oddbodd - Tom Clegg
Oddbodd Jr - Billy Cornelius
Mr Jones - Frank Thornton
Vivian - Michael Ward
Cabby - Norman Mitchell
Desk Sergeant - Frank Forsyth
Policeman - Anthony Sagar



"One of the funniest Carry Ons ever!  Who is stealing virgins and turning them into shop-window mannequins?  What is the meaning of the gigantic hairy finger found at the scene of the latest crime?  What clues can the mad professor (Kenneth Williams) or his deathly pale and impossibly buxom sister (Fenella Fielding) provide to the hopeless Detective Bung (Harry H Corbett)?  Join the Carry On team including Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Bresslaw and Joan Sims as they chill your spine in this hair-raising spoof of the horror movie!"


Carry On Screaming! looks and feels every bit the Hammer pastiche it’s meant to be.  Director of photography Alan Hume, himself a Hammer veteran, creates an atmosphere perfectly in keeping with the Hammer style, adding a welcome authenticity.  It’s a magnificently creepy film, too.  I can clearly remember being thrilled and terrified by Carry On Screaming! as a child and even today, the sight of Jon Pertwee’s doctor, broken and discarded is a genuinely gruesome sight.

While there are genuine scares on offer, Carry On Screaming! strikes the perfect balance between comedy and horror.  Talbot Rothwell’s script takes in all the traditional Carry On tricks. Sauciness, subtle wordplay, sexual stereotypes and his usual collection of different comedic styles but an extra helping of Grand Guignol adds a fresh new dimension.  Twelve films into the series and the Carry Ons have never been quite so accomplished, so daring and so out-and-out funny.

The sublime double act between leading man Harry H Corbett and the always-wonderful Peter Butterworth is the highlight of the film.  Sid’s absence from a role which was created for him is soon forgotten and, as much as it hurts me to say it, I don’t think Sid could have done a better job.  Throw in a literally smouldering performance from Fenella Fielding and the result is something very special indeed.