Carry On Laughing (with The Slimming Factory)

June - September 1976: The Royal Opera House, Scarborough

Jack Hardy...Jack Douglas
Major Chambers...Kenneth Connor
Willie Strokes...Peter Butterworth
Milly...Liz Fraser
Candy Maple...Anne Aston
Mrs Babbington...Beau Daniels
Albert Waterman...Danny O'Dea
Alice Pringle...Barbara Sumner
Hilde...Linda Hooks

Written by: Sam Cree
Director: Bill Robertson

Carry On Laughing abandoned the revue format of the phenomenally successful Carry On London and opted for a straight farce set in a health spa (the eponymous Slimming Factory). The majority of the team were unwilling or unable to participate due to other work commitments or the recent death of Sid James, but Jack Douglas led a cast with just enough Carry On regulars to earn it a part in the series' canon. Liz Fraser stepped in as leading lady; Liz had recently returned to the Carry On series after many years, starring in Carry On Behind.