Following a particularly nasty naked skydiving incident, Emile Prevert (Kenneth Williams) is unable to satisfy his wife, Emmannuelle (Suzanne Danielle).  This presents something of a problem because Emmannuelle was already insatiable to begin with. 

Emmannuelle seduces Theodore Valentine (Larry Dann), in the lavatory aboard Concorde when she flies to England to join her beloved husband.  It may be a casual fling for her, but Valentine falls instantly in love with the temptress and sets out on a campaign to convince her that he, not Emile, is her one true love.

Arriving in London, Emmannuelle embarks on a diplomatic mission to smooth foreign relations in an entirely novel and thoroughly pleasurable way – by sleeping with every man who comes near her.  The British press gets wind of Emmannuelle’s antics and declares her a national scandal.


A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Lance Peters
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate AA
90 minutes

Emmanuelle Prevert
Suzanne Danielle
Emile Prevert
Kenneth Williams
Leyland -
Kenneth Connor
Lyons -
Jack Douglas
Mrs Dangle -
Joan Sims
Richmond -
Peter Butterworth

Mrs Valentine

Beryl Reid
Theodore Valentine -
Larry Dann
Harold Hump -
Henry McGee
Guest -
Eric Barker



"The Carry On team are back with an accumulation of jokes which grow steadily bluer...

Emmannuelle (Suzanne Danielle) is the fascinating, delectable young wife of a foreign diplomat at the Court of St. James whose charms are irresistible to members of the opposite sex of all nationalities and walks of life.

Her travels lead her to intimate encounters with a variety of men, including LARRY DANN (Theodore), JACK DOUGLAS & KENNETH CONNOR amongst others. In fact she becomes England's most famous and popular sex symbol and gradually her husband Emile begins to feel he must be missing out on what every other man in England seems to be enjoying - with the exception of the inconsolable Theodore. Emile prepares a little surprise for his ravishing wife which bears fruit in the most prolific and unpredictable manner."


The received wisdom (if you listen to your mates or believe what you read on Web forums) was that Emmannuelle is so bad, so denigrating to the memory of our beloved Carry Ons that it is best ignored.

That’s all nonsense.  Carry On Emmannuelle is a wonderful film and, if anything it’s the perfect end to the series.  Maybe people are put off by the concept of a Carry On that is all about a slut who can’t keep her knickers on. But, to some degree, is that not what all the Carry Ons are about when you boil them down to basics?  

At its heart, Carry On Emmannuelle is a deeply sentimental and thoroughly charming film as the Preverts and their retainers take a misty-eyed look at their lives and loves and try to rekindle some of their old passions.  It is a love letter to past glories and a fitting end to the series.  It is also extremely funny.  Once you get past the embarrassing Concorde gag in the opening credits, there is plenty of good old-fashioned Carry On fun: Victor Maddern flaunting his Y-fronts in a West London launderette; Kenneth Connor and Clare Davenport getting frisky in a grotty bedsit; a naked skydiving Kenneth Williams.  There are some brilliant gags in Carry On Emmannuelle and most of them, usually the ones not directly involving sexual contact, are very funny indeed.

There’s a lot to love about Carry On Emmannuelle, if you’ll only give it a chance.  I’m not ashamed to say it has become one of my favourite Carry Ons.