Captain Wellington Crowther (Sid James) runs a tight ship aboard the SS Happy Wanderer but when five crew members are replaced at short notice his latest voyage appears to be anything but smooth sailing.

Crowther promises his new crew positions aboard his next command if they manage to get through their inaugural voyage without incident, but with unrequited love on deck and a decidedly unappetising cake in the galley, it looks like his hopes for promotion are sunk



A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Norman Hudis (based on a story by Eric Barker)
Music: Bruce Montgomery & Douglas Gamely
Certificate U
89 minutes

Captain Crowther - Sid James
First Officer Majorbanks Kenneth Williams
Doctor Binn - Kenneth Connor
Glad Trimble - Liz Fraser
Flo Castle - Dilys Laye
Bridget Madderley - Esma Cannon
Chef Wilfred Haines - Lance Percival
Sam Turner - Ronnie Stephens
Jenkins - Vincent Ball
Tom Tree - Cyril Chamberlain
Fat Man - Willoughby Goddard
Young Officer - Ed Devereaux
Steward - Brian Rawlinson
Young Man - Anton Rogers
First Cook - Anthony Sagar
Second Cook - Mario Fabrizi



"A life on the ocean wave with the Carry On crew!  Sid James is the long-suffering Captain of the luxury cruise liner SS Happy Wanderer, a ship full of misfits who don't know their portholes from any other holes!  It isn't long before the luckless passengers mix with the hopeless crew to raise titanic laughs on the ship of fools. 

Carry On Cruising is the sixth Carry On film and the first in colour, and stars all the Carry On favourites including Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor and Lance Percival."



The Carry Ons explode into colour for the first time and we’re given a tantalising glimpse of the kind of films they will ultimately become.  Everything about Cruising is bigger and bolder.  While the camaraderie, wide-eyed idiocy and sense of fun is certainly heightened by the fact that we’re seeing the team’s antics in colour, there’s a magic to Carry On Cruising that’s hard to define.

Cruising is a stripped bare version of what the Carry Ons would later become under the authorship of Talbot Rothwell.  The seeds of the bawdiness, the lewdness and the outrageousness are all here and Hudis’s script is more cheeky, more knowing and far less sentimental than ever before.  

Once again the team are thrown into a confined space to spark off each other but they do so in an entirely different style.  The Carry Ons are coming of age.

Cruising is a remarkably accomplished film.  It’s polished, it’s funny and it’s written with a deftness of wit and charm that the series has only aspired to until now.  Carry On Cruising takes the series to an entirely new level.