Stodge City is being terrorised by the fiendish Johnny Finger, AKA the Rumpo Kid (Sid James) and his band of rustlers.  When Rumpo takes up residence in the local saloon, owned by Belle (Joan Sims) and kills the sheriff (Jon Pertwee), Mayor Burke (Kenneth Williams) sends a desperate call for help.

Sanitation engineer Marshall P Knutt (Jim Dale) is mistaken for a US marshal sent to clean up Stodge but as he soon discovers, drain rods and a sink plunger aren’t quite what the residents’ need. 



A Peter Rogers Production
Directed by Gerald Thomas


Screenplay: Talbot Rothwell
Music: Eric Rogers
Certificate A/PG
95 minutes

Rumpo Kid - Sid James
Judge Burke Kenneth Williams
Marshall P Knutt - Jim Dale
Big Heap -

Charles Hawtrey

Belle - Joan Sims
Annie Oakley -

Angela Douglas


- Peter Butterworth
Little Heap -

Bernard Bresslaw

Charlie - Percy Herbert
Sheriff - Jon Pertwee
Dolores - Edina Ronay
Sam - Sydney Bromley
Curly - Peter Gilmore
Josh - Davey Kaye
Commissioner Fiddler - Alan Gifford
Blacksmith - Tom Clegg
Miss Jones - Margaret Nolan
Dancing Girls - Ballet Montparnasse



"A hilarious romp through the bars and bedrooms of the Wild West with the Carry On gang!  Sid James is on top form as the Rumpo Kid, an outlaw who shakes up the sleepy residents of Stodge City.  Kenneth Williams is the puritanical judge, and Jim Dale plays Marshall P Knutt, a hapless plumber mistakenly sent to clean up the town.  This is classic Carry On with a cast of Carry On favourites, including Charles Hawtrey as fire-water guzzling Chief Big Heap, Joan Sims and Bernard Bresslaw."


Wild West adventure is one of the more unusual and ambitious genres for the Carry On team to tackle.  Unconvincing accents, stunts, action, gunplay, the wide open plains – there is a lot that could go wrong.  But Carry On Cowboy is, on every level, cinematic and comedy perfection.

The entire cast gives it everything they’ve got - the accents and action are brilliantly realised. The humour is loud, brash and confident, full of broad gags and Rothwell’s increasingly intricate wordplay.  Jim Dale gets his first proper starring role in Cowboy. He is a master of physical comedy, careering around the place and getting into deeper and deeper trouble with every step.  Kenneth Williams adopts a voice and persona bigger than Texas in realising Judge Burke and hams his way through the film with such gusto that you hang off his every gnarled word.  Then there is Sid James. His Rumpo Kid isn’t the funniest character in the film but as a “Hollywood” bad guy he is perfection - he’s gruff, menacing and when the occasion demands, charming and playful.  The rest of the cast more than hold their own, from Joan Sims’ vampish Belle to newcomer Angela Douglas’ doe-eyed serial killer.  Nobody puts a foot wrong. There’s a confidence and gloss to Carry On Cowboy which elevates it above being just a great Carry On.  Like Cleo before it and Screaming after, it’s simply a great film.